Our goal is to breed healthy, happy affenpinschers for the show ring and as pets. Bauhaus Affenpinschers are placed in homes around the world and many of our pups go on to win international show awards!

When we have a litter, the pups sleep in our bedroom and we quickly introduce them to other dogs in our home, neighborhood children and adults. We work hard to see that we deliver a well socialized puppy that will easily become a member of your pack!

JOOL– She's the matriarch of the pack, being our first affen! Her joints may ache from age, but she's always first at the door to welcome home her people.

OCHO – We set a record for litter size when Dynamo delivered eight healthy puppies! Her pups are being delivered to owners around the world in early 2015!

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Westminister win

When Banana Joe won the Westminster Kennel Club show on TV the breed got international awareness.

About the breed

Our puppies are AKC registered. Here's more information on the breed from the American Kennel Club. 

The Affenpinscher dog has been around for centuries. Here is more information on this fun-loving breed!


SQUEAK- our current show dog, checkout "Shows" for more information about this awesome young lady!