Caring for your Affenpinscher Puppy

Affenpinscher puppies, from reputable breeders, are tough little dogs. But, for the first year they need special attention to assure they receive the proper nutrition, vet care and socializing to become happy adult affens.

We highly recommend Royal Canin puppy and adult foods. Once the puppy is able to handle hard foods we introduce raw foods, such as uncooked chicken wings. The affens love the raw meat with bones! We feed our own adult affens raw meat with bones in the morning and Royal Canin in the evening.

Every affen puppy needs at least four rounds of puppy shots. This is particularly important if you will be exercising your puppy or adult affen in areas frequented by other dogs. We suggest that you not take the puppy from the safety of your own home until the pup has received its fourth round of shots and received its rabies shot.

We work hard to send home highly socialized affen pups. This is especially important if you plan to show your affen. We recruit neighbor adults and kids to play with the puppies and we introduce the pups to our own pack at about 9 weeks. The goal is to have a puppy that is well adjusted, not afraid of its own shadow, comfortable around strange kids, adults and dogs. We also introduce our pups after they have received their shots to the dog park (during slow hours) to experience strangers and their dogs.

A final point is training your affen puppy. Affens are very high on the canine intelligence scale. They do not appreciate harsh treatment. They respond well to training and corrections that make it fun to learn. Like most toy breeds, affen puppies have tiny bladders. Take your pup outside to pee after feeding, naps or playtime.

For grooming your affen and other authoritative information on the breed see the ACA guide.