Grand Champion Bauhaus Li'l Ball of Fire

Meeka -  another second generation Bauhaus youngster, she loved the show ring, but is now retired and just had her first litter (our first third generation)!​

Champion Bauhaus Li'l Superhero

​​BOCA - his mother is Emmie so he is second generation Bauhaus.  He is retired and bringing joy to a very nice couple in Maryland.

Grand Champion Bronze

Coachlight'N'Black Forest Afternoon D'Lite

Grand Champion Bronze

Bauhaus Li'l Dynamo

Champion Turloch's Wicked Ebony Gem

Champion Bauhaus Hot Li'l Ember

TOOFER - was our first Affenpinscher show dog!  She is Cammi's special dog and the mother of Dynamo and  Meeka.  She produced beautiful puppies and is happily retired on Cammi's pillow at night and as her desk ornament at work during the day.


EMMIE -  her mother is Ella and her father is Scooter, and she has the perfect Affenpinscher head. She has joined her sister and is living in a great home in Washington.

DYNAMO - is from our first litter of Affenpinschers.  She had a wonderful show career, completely owner-handled to become the second bitch in the breed to achieve the Bronze Grand Champion status.  She whelped our famous litter of 8 in late 2014 and has been a great mom too.  She is an all around awesome girl! She is living at Crisanda Kennels in MT.  

ELLA - We were honored when Ella become the first Affenpinscher bitch to win the Bronze Grand Champion status. During her show career, Ella was hard to beat! Today, she's retired and living a life of leisure with one of Cammi's employees!