We do not have any puppies and have no plans of breeding in the near future. 

Reputable Affenpinscher breeders conduct extensive medical evaluations on the sire and dam BEFORE breeding to avoid genetic abnormalities. The tests include knees, heart and eyes. If the sire or dam have health issues we will not use them in breeding.

These tests and careful analysis of the pedigrees of the sire and dam result in well adjusted, healthy puppies that will live long, healthy lives and be successful in the show ring or as a pet for the family.

​Looking for an Affenpinscher?

If you are looking for an Affenpinscher puppy, please contact us and we will do our best to match you to a Bauhaus Kennels puppy or we will refer you to another reputable breeder who has puppies available.

Please avoid buying an Affenpinscher from ads on Craigslist or a puppy buying website. Many of these sellers are operating puppy mills, under brutal conditions.